SicLids to offer slick lids for Motorsport Australia members

Wednesday 02 September, 2020

Motorsport Australia is proud to announce SicLids as its new official helmet designer for 2020. 

Based in Victoria, the helmet company specialises in custom designed helmets for motorsport competitors.

The partnership will see SicLids join the new Motorsport Australia Member Rewards Program, where Motorsport Australia members will have access to special offers for their motorsport ventures.

Forming in 2016, SicLids began with extensive research and developing phases before releasing its helmets to public in 2019, becoming popular amongst its customers due to their slick designs at affordable prices.

SicLids Director Kris Lacey was proud to join Motorsport Australia as a partner.

“SicLids is honoured to be partnering with Motorsport Australia as they are the governing body for Australian motorsport and its passion to develop and manage the sport for motorsport enthusiasts is parallel to that of our own focus,” Lacey said. 

“Growing up and watching my father race was like watching a superhero going to out to do battle each and every race and once motorsport is in your blood, it never leaves.

“Our clients race all forms of motorsport across Australia and we love hearing their stories and adventures. Motorsport is our way of life and customising helmets is our way of contributing to the sport.

“We hope the relationship with Motorsport Australia will not only promote our brand but more importantly bring an affordable customising option to more racers so they can truly express themselves with their own helmet. 

Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca was thrilled to have SicLids on board as a Motorsport Australia partner. 

“We’re excited to welcome SicLids as Motorsport Australia’s new official helmet designer,” Arocca said.

“It’s also great for them to feature as part of the improved Motorsport Australia Member Rewards program and we’re looking forward to seeing some of the interesting designs they provide for our members.”

Click here for more information on SicLids custom helmets.

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