Safety Alert: Braking Systems

Monday 18 July, 2022
Photo: Benjamin Brunner (unsplash)
Following recent incidents, Motorsport Australia is alerting competitors to be vigilant with the preparation, maintenance, and replacement programs regarding braking systems and components.

The braking system and components of a competition automobile are vital to ensuring safe competition in motorsport.

Competitors are directed to ensure that they:
• Regularly inspect braking systems and components;
• Perform regular maintenance of braking systems and components; and
• Establish replacement programs for high wear and high load carrying components to ensure their serviceability.

Whilst the most common checks are usually performed on the hydraulic (i.e. master cylinders, brake calipers, slave cylinders, fluid lines etc.) and friction components (i.e. disc rotors, brake pads or brake drums and shoes), it is equally important to inspect and establish replacement programs for those components that connect the driver to these systems.

These components carry high force loads during the application of the brakes in a competition automobile and include the brake pedal, pedal boxes and brake bias/balance adjustment components. 

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