FIA update rally stage safety guidelines

Wednesday 09 March, 2022
The FIA have made changes to
The FIA has released a new bulletin addressing a number of new safety measures to be put in place.
Targeted at drivers and organisers for rally events, the bulletin addresses areas such as the Stop Control and stage access provides recommendations about each area.
Both areas are popular amongst fans but can also be dangerous if not managed correctly as cars are often approaching at high speeds and instantly decelerating to a stop, meaning there is a chance that cars could lose control upon arrival.

Stop Control (SC) recommendations

 • The SC must have fire extinguishers at hand should they be required for any situation when a car arrives at this location.
•  The SC should not be positioned within 150m of any main or adjoining road that is not closed for the competition.
•  On some events the SC can be busy with media looking to get quotes from the crews as soon as they complete the special stage.
•  The marshals should outline how they want to work with the media before the cars arrive so that everyone can conduct their duties safely and efficiently.
•  In addition, spectator control needs to be well planned with sufficient space for fans to get a glimpse of their heroes while still remaining at a safe distance from the cars themselves.


Stage Access recommendations

•  The access to the stage finish should be closed 30 min before the first competing car is due to ensure there are no spectators moving on the stage itself.
•  It is important that organisers put in place a proper and safe pathway to circulate spectators before this closing time.
•  This same process should apply at the stage start as well. 
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