Electric vehicle regulations released

Friday 01 July, 2022
New regulations are available for electric vehicles

Motorsport Australia has published new regulations, specific to electric vehicles.

The regulations, which can be viewed here, outline various technical and safety requirements for competitors, officials and event organisers.

A separate FAQ document has also been prepared, which can be viewed here.

Motorsport Australia will also host information sessions for officials and event organisers to cover off key details and answer any questions about the new regulations.

Motorsport Australia Director of Motorsport Michael Smith said the regulations were an important step in allowing more electric vehicles to compete in the sport across the country.

“Whether it be international, national or grassroots events, there is a clear indication from manufacturers that electric vehicles are going to be a big part of our future, both in every day driving and in turn, we will see more electric vehicles in motorsport,” Smith said.

“Motorsport Australia is well aware of the importance of being ready to welcome those electric vehicles which present different safety and technical requirements to the traditional internal combustion engine.

“These regulations are a starting point for those wishing to have electric vehicles be part of their event and highlight specific requirements for competitors, officials and event organisers.

“This is just a small step on the journey and from the Board down we are committed to ensuring we focus on making sure our sport is sustainable, safe and keeping up with current trends.

“We also know that traditional petrol engines have a future in our sport and will continue to be part of our events for many years to come.”

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