Be safe on the roads this Easter

Thursday 18 April, 2019

With Easter, Anzac Day and school holidays taking place this month, those on the road can expect to encounter plenty of holiday traffic.

CAMS is once again encouraging all road users to be safe and allow plenty of time for their journeys and keep the FIA’s Golden Rules for Road Safety in mind whenever they get behind the wheel.

CAMS President Andrew Papadopoulos encouraged all drivers to stay safe on the roads during this holiday period.

“With everyone rushing to see friends and family if they are lucky enough to take some time off work, it’s important that we all take a moment to think about our trips on our busy local roads and major highways,” Papadopoulos said.

“While it might take slightly longer to get to your destination during this time, it’s better to arrive safe than not at all.

“We encourage everyone to obey the FIA’s Golden Rules for Road Safety to ensure they have a safe trip and arrive at their destination ready to enjoy some valuable time away.

“Of course, there is also plenty of motor sport happening around the country during this time. So if you are heading to an event, good luck and we hope you enjoy whatever discipline you may be competing in.

“On behalf of CAMS, we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter period.”

CAMS has also thrown its support behind the FIA’s #3500Lives campaign – aiming to reduce the tragic statistic of 3,500 motorists who die on roads around the world each and every day.

The FIA’s Golden Rules are:

• Obey the speed limit 
• Never drink and drive 
• Use a child safety seat 
• Always pay attention 
• Buckle up 
• Don’t text and drive 
• Stop when you’re tired 
• Wear a helmet if you ride a bike
• Check your tyres 
• Stay bright on a bike
• Check your vision 
• Slow down for kids


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